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The Long Forgotten Shanghai Trip { Part 1 }

The forgotten trip… that was in May last year, 2012. Gosh… the photos that was taken when I traveled to Shanghai last year is still inside the sim card of my SLR. Also discovered my photos for the Sri Lanka trip in year 2010 and Korea trip in year 2012 too.  The travelling to Shanghai was a business trip as I visited the International Bakery Exhibition in Shanghai. It is another eye opener exhibition for me as I came across many unique bakery machines, baking tools, baking gadgets, baking ingredients in the region of China. Took the opportunities to get as many suppliers contact as possible and who knows one day I might come out and start my own baking supply business. Sigh … it is still in my dream. One of my dream…

It was a 4 days, 3 nights trip to Shanghai. Took the midnight flight and reached Shanghai on an early morning. Didn’t have the pleasant sleep on the flight. I hate night flight because I couldn’t sleep at all. Upon reaching Shanghai, I am darn tired. Checked into hotel and freshen up before we took a cab to the Shanghai Exhibition hall. Tried to cover as many booths as possible and go through all those products that are relevant. The entire trip is all about walk, see, sit , eat….

Anyway, Saturday night and the whole Sunday is a free and easy day. Do what you like before you fly back the next morning. Hahaha… I am Chinese illiterate. I can’t read nor write in Mandarin but I can only speak in Mandarin. That is why I am forcing my two kids to study in a Chinese school.

I visited a few attractions in Shanghai… the Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Nanjing Road and Yu Yuan Garden.  The Bund… mustn’t miss it. Its the symbol of Shanghai. Full with tourist. Alongside with it, it cluster the new finance and commercial houses as well as the grand buildings build in the 1930s with the European architecture styles. I love the weather at that period. It is the end of spring. Its windy and cold at night at around 15 degree. Just love it.

I didn’t take much photos in Shanghai. Here you go, just to share some photos taken during the entire trip.


The Oriental Pearl TV Tower taken from the Bund.



The architecture of the buildings is fantastic.


Woke up the next morning and just walked out from the hotel and came across a temple.


The old street in Shanghai and came across a morning market at one of the small lane. Where ever I travel to, I just love to visit the local morning market. So many thing to explore and sometimes you end up discovering some unusual stuffs. Well, that’s me. I love exploring.


The fresh green vegetables from the morning market.


 I can’t read this and wonder what are they selling. Looks like a chap farn stalls to me.


All sorts of sunflower seeds and nuts.


A shop selling all kinds of sauces and preservative soy beans.


Visited Yu Yuan Garden. For more information, you can check out at Yu Yuan Garden, WIKIPEDIA. This is a real tourist area. Full with tourist and upon entering the garden, there are lots of shops selling souvenirs and food items.


A view from one of the restaurant inside Yu Yuan Garden.


I don’t where is this place but while walking back to the hotel, I came across this streets selling all kinds of toys, house decorations and soft toys. Looks like a wholesaling place to me and I bought 2 Hello Kitty soft toys for my girl. It is pretty cheap. I kind of wasted a Sunday in Shanghai. Should have book a day tour to Hangzhou since I see the price of a full day tour is cheap. Haizzz… wasted, wasted. I’ve been to Hangzhou with Ah Mah and Mom and that was about 20 years back. Time flies.

Well, that the end of Part 1, Shanghai trip. Will update on { Part 2 } soon on the food we ate in Shanghai. Will definitely plan a trip to Shanghai again with hubby and the kids. Hopefully next year another holiday in December.

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