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Ibanez Tube Screamer

A friend of mine who is a musician always shared with us on his purchases of music instruments. Seriously I am not a music lover and not too sure what he is trying to tell us on his purchases. His recent purchase is a ts9 vs ts808 which is a tube screamer. What is it function I am not too sure off. Hahahaha

A Wedding Band

A friend is getting married this year and she has shown me the wedding band that her fiance bought for the weeding. I just simply love the simple and plain wedding band for a wedding. There are many types of simple design to choose from and wedding bands platinum is just so lovely apart from the gold and diamond. It is just so lovely.

Music Instrument

I realized that many kids are taking up music lesson especially guitar and drums. Brought my daughter to the music school to buy a theory music book and I came across the music school is selling many model types of guitar and some is squier tele which is a type of electronic guitar. Not too sure whether it i cheap or not, but it looks cool.

The New NEST With Beautiful Wall Decal?

Me… invested on a new nest lately. Have been busy liaising with the bank officer and lawyer to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. Thought it is not a very big place but it is considered a very big investment for me. I told hubby that I am seriously looking forward for the new place but we wouldn’t want to shift in so soon till we save enough to do a huge renovation. The only thing I look forward is my new KITCHEN. My dream is to have a big big big kitchen and dining room.  I wanted to have a baking studio too for my bakes. LOL.

My two growing up child is also getting excited about it and my first born has been telling me that she wanted to have a nice room for herself. Hubby was throwing the idea to her that we would want to have a beautiful wall decal for her room. She wanted a Hello Kitty wall decal for her room but I prefer the Owl design. Anyway we shall see how is the ID going to be when time comes.



Well here are some tips on decorating a beautiful baby room. Check it out.

Design a beautiful and unique nursery with baby wall decals

Babies are beautiful and hence their rooms should also be equally beautiful, don’t you think so? Parents are overjoyed seeing their baby being born and they are willing to do anything to give their bundle of joy, the best of everything. Hence while planning to decorate the baby’s room you must be very careful so as to keep in mind to put things in the room which are safe for the baby and also carefully choose the wall decoration which you want to put on the nursery walls. With the large variety of baby wall decals from which are very easily available, your worries regarding decorating the nursery walls ends here.

What baby wall decals to choose?

There are various factors which are responsible to determine which all baby wall decals you should choose to decorate the walls of your baby’s room at mywalldecals.

Are you decorating the nursery or redecorating it with baby wall decals?

The first factor is whether you are decorating or redecorating. If you are decorating then the walls are generally new and white, left untouched without any traces of dirt, grime or stains and marks of previous wallpapers. In simple words, walls are pretty clean and therefore you can just get the baby wall stickers and place it on the walls without cleaning them and preparing the wall surface. Besides, there is also bannerstandpro you can get from the specified website.
If you are redecorating then that means you already have paint or wallpaper on the wall and there is also a very high probability that the walls of your rooms are dirty and dusty, with paint patches and wallpapers stains on it. You cannot directly place baby wall decals on walls in such condition. First you will have to prepare it.
Take a piece of cloth and clean the surface of the wall where you want to put the wall decals. Putting wall decals on the places where the paint has come off or where the wall is stained is always a wise thing to do as it covers up the ugliness of the wall which in turn makes the room look nice and new.

Know how much space you have in your nursery to put the baby wall decals

If the nursery is big and spacious then you can opt for any type of baby wall decals of various colors and sizes. But if the room is a bit small and congested then try to pick up light colored nursery wall decals as they will make the nursery appear a bit airy than its actual size. Also you must see how much space is available in the walls of the nursery as accordingly you can get the children wall decals of proper size so as to fit the walls of the baby’s room.

Too much confused? Go with the popular baby wall decals

It is not mandatory to make your child’s room look creative and unique. As long as it looks fresh, bright and spacious it is a great nursery room. Hence you can go with the obvious baby wall decals choices which are either nature oriented wall decals, or wall stickers of cartoon characters or you can go with the animal wall decals for children.

Stunning Hair Accessories

Was doing house spring cleaning on a Merdeka weekend. While cleaning my cupboard and found some stunning hairpieces here and there deep inside my cupboard. Can’t remember where did I buy the red hair wigs. Asked hubby whether did he remember why I buy that hair accessories for? Ohhhh… I am just getting old and can’t even recall why I buy that for! My elder one told me she wanted that hair wig and play with it.

Korean Fried Chicken With NEW SCOTT Calorie Light Premium Towel

Malaysians love to eat, so what could be better than enjoying favourite local treats but with fewer calories? Brand-new Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towel is specifically designed for superior oil absorbency, to help tackle one of the main concerns of fellow Malaysians – high calorie consumption. The product is made to absorb oil easily and effectively, especially the excess oil from the surface of foods, hence one could enjoy delicious great food yet with a reduced calorie intake from fat by up to 25 %*!

Many Malaysians consume more than the recommended daily calorie intake – the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization found that the average Malaysian consumes more than 2,900 kcal per day**, well in excess of the recommended 2000 calories per day for adult men and 1500 for adult women.

“Malaysia is a paradise of gastronomical delights and it is no surprise that one of the favourite pastimes of fellow Malaysians is to enjoy food. However, we all know that many of our favorite foods can be unhealthy due to the high oil content used during preparation, but it really can be difficult to say no when, for example, a delicious piece of fried chicken comes your way!” said Ms Soo Woon Yee, Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark Malaysia.

“Being many Malaysians’ trusted household brand, Scott® is proud to have taken it a step further to help Malaysians take care of their family in an easier and more efficient way with the introduction of Scott® Calorie Light. The brand-new kitchen towel is a first of its kind kitchen towel designed for superior oil absorbency to address one of the biggest challenges in Malaysian kitchens. Not only does it remove oil effectively on the greasiest of kitchen surfaces, it absorbs excess oil effectively from food, making it possible for our consumers to enjoy great food, minus the calories, in the simplest way.”

Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towel is tested by an independent party, and found to reduce calorie intake from fat by an average of 25%* just using 3 sheets of Scott® Calorie Light kitchen towel to soak up the excess oil from foods like fried chicken before serving. It is made with revolutionary Fiber-Tech technology, and from 100% natural pulp in a thicker weave to support superior oil absorbency. The towel is also infused with green tea extract, an ingredient that is long known and used for fat reduction.

Scott Calorie Light VISUAL

We love fried food but it is always not healthy to have too much fried food at home. But with the new Scott® Calorie Light  that is designed to absorb excess oil from fried chicken, we can now enjoy our favourite Korean Fried Chicken with fewer calories!  I am surprised that this new product works really well in absorbing the excess oil from my fried chicken. And it is fantastic for cleaning up the greasiness surface on the stove after frying the chicken.

Well I have tried it on my version of Korean Fried Chicken. Here you go for the recipe:

10 nos chicken wings, cleaned
Oil for deep frying
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tbsp cornflour
Some chopped garlic and ginger
1/2 cup corn syrup
1 tsp soya sauce
1 tbsp gohchujang ( Korean chilli paste )
1 tsp sesame seeds

1. Marinate chicken wing with salt, pepper and cornflour for about an hour.
2. Heat oil in a frying pan.
3. Deep fried the chicken wing till golden colour and crispy. Remove chicken wings from oil and leave in on a plate that lie with 2 pcs of Scott® Calorie Light paper tower to absorb the excess oil.
4. In another wok, heat up one tbsp of oil. Sautee chopped garlic and ginger till fragrant.
5. Pour in corn syrup, gohchujang and soya sauce. Let it boil till the corn syrup thicken.
6. Pour in the fried chicken and mixed well to make sure it is coated with the sweet and spicy sauce.
7. Lastly sprinkle the sesame seeds on the Korean fried chicken and enjoy.

Bon Appetite!


The new Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towels is available at major supermarkets, hypermarkets, minimarkets and provision stores nationwide at the recommended retail price of RM 6.20 for 2-roll and RM14.90 for 6-roll packs (West Malaysia) and RM 6.80 for 2-roll and RM16.40 for 6-roll packs (East Malaysia).

Scott Calorie Light_PACKAGING_6ROLLS

For more information on Scott® Calorie Light Premium Towels, please call the Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line at 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free) on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

Magnetic Bracelet

Anyone still remember the magnetic bracelet that I bought many years ago? I have been having numbness on my hand and fingers again. I wonder is it something is not right with my blood circulation? Many years ago, hub bought me a magnetic bracelet and it is said to helps in blood circulation. The magnetic bracelet I wore for many years broke 2 years ago. I am looking to get one again from this website. Hopefully it helps to reduce the numbness I have been experiencing off late.

Its Been A While…. and Gong Xi Fatt Chai 2014

Its been a while I left my this blog in a sleeping mode. I checked back my last posting that was in Oct’13. Gosh…I’ve even forgot about the password. Totally forgot about this blog until the webmaster send me an email asking whether am I renewing my domain this year. I thought of closing it down but then this blog has many sentimental values to me and I wouldn’t want to close down.

Back in Oct’ 13, I left the corporate world. In my number of years of working experience, this last company is the worst I’ve been working for. I work with a … sorry to say a stupid director. A person who looks like a very knowledgable person from outside but from inside it is just an empty tin of knowledge and with his unique character that no one has in this world. The person I always sympathy with is his dad who is a highly person full with knowledge but having a useless son like him. Sigh …. well past is already past for me and lets forget about it cos it is not worth to talk about it. Life still needs to move on. 

Year 2013 has been a sad year for me. I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. My beloved Ah Mah who raised me and sis ever since we were born left us on Oct 4th, 2013. And I left the corporate work in end Oct 2013 to become a SAHM… temporily before I get a new job. LOL. I travelled alone to Hanoi with my 2 kids and stayed with sis for 2 weeks. Kids having so much fun in Hanoi cos its winter. Weather is cooling and we travelled to SAPA, Vietnam which is close to the border of China. It is about 350km from Hanoi and we travelled by train. It is a very challenging  journey especially with the 2 kids. But so far so good, my kids didn’t give me much problem when travelling. They just get used to travel with me.  We took a train from Hanoi, 9 hours train journey to the distict of  Lao Gai. Then another 2 hours of van travelling up hill. Sapa is home to a great diversity of ethnic minority people of H’Mong and Yao minority. The weather in SAPA is cold with about 10 degree at night. This is the first time my kids experience winter and they wanted more holiday during winter. ” sweat ” ! I will share some nice pictures when I have the time to load all the pictures.

During my period of stay as SAHM, I baked a lot of cakes and cupcakes for selling. Thank you friends and customers who give me the opportunity to bake for all of you. Thank you for all the support given to me at this period of time. I just finished my CNY orders last weekend and  today there is a breather space for me to sit down and blog and plan what to cook for tomorrow reunion dinner. Gosh I still have many things unprepare to usher the ‘Horse Lunar New Year’. The CNY orders  just hooked up all my time at home.

Well I will try my best to post all my cooking and bakes.  There are many photos still unable to upload into my laptop and looking at getting a new laptop for myself at home. Last but not least…..

Wishing  All Of You A Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year

May The Year Of  Horse Brings You Lots of Wealth and Health



The Music Instruments On Sale!

Hubby friend who owned a production house called up and inform there is a shop selling music instruments is On Sale. He even mentioned that some of the instruments are really worth to buy especially for people like him who needed the most advance music instrument for his business. I am thinking to get a music timer for my girl and wonder whether they have that on sale or not.

Halloween Cupcakes …. BoO….

Happy Halloween everyone. This is the first time my kids attended a halloween party. It was an invite from a cousin who is having a BBQ Halloween Party at home. I asked her, do we need to come in a Halloween costume and cousin answered …”OFF COURSE”! Hahaha …oh my… I got to search for Halloween costume in such a short period of time. Drove to Daiso that day itself as I’ve seen some Daiso outlets selling Halloween props at RM5 per piece! Grab few items from Daiso and the kids are ready to go and have fun at EL’s YiYi house.

Halloween Cupcakes

This is my last minute bake at home and my contribution to bring over to the party. Moist chocolate cupcakes with a Halloween theme.

Halloween Party a

It was a fun night for the kids and us… the cousins. Have been laughing non stop when taking pics… especially with my small little tiny pair of angels’ wings I wore on. It is meant for my girl but she refused to wear it. Hahahaha… so end up Mommy will wear it.

Halloween Party

Trick or treat? And my son, won the best costume for the night and got lots of goodies from EL YiYi & Steven Kor Kor. LOL

Happy Halloween!

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