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British food has always had a bad reputation, but in recent decades there has been a huge improvement in the quality and the variety, and restaurants in London, Manchester, the lake District and elsewhere have helped to convince visitors that British food really is good.

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Classic British Dishes

Of course, many visitors to Britain still expect to eat the classic British dishes, such as toad in the hole, fish and chips, gammon, egg and chips, a traditional Sunday roast and a full English Breakfast. For something simple yet filling, try a ploughman's lunch, consisting of bread, cheese and onions. Most of these dishes are still extremely popular with residents as well as visitors. Many visitors also like to take afternoon tea in a good hotel or tea room; typically a pot of tea accompanied by sandwiches, cakes and pastries. However, British cuisine is a lot more diverse than just those few well known dishes, and it's easy to find good vegetarian options, as well as Chinese and Indian food just about anywhere. And if you want something to wash down that food with, Britain is well known for its tea and its fine beer, with literally hundreds of small breweries all over the country.

Eating In Edinburgh

The UK is also known for its regional variations in food. Think jellied eels in London, Lancashire hotpot, Cornish pasties and scones in Cornwall. In Scotland, you should make a point of sampling trout, haggis, bangers and mash and grouse. For dessert you may want to consider sticky toffee pudding, and of course porridge for breakfast. Edinburgh's restaurant scene has experienced something of a boom in recent years and if you associate the city with deep fried candy bars, you should think again. Although traditional Scottish cuisine is still as popular as ever, you can find cafes, pubs and restaurants offering just about any cuisine you can think of. And just like the rest of Scotland, restaurants have realized that they need to offer healthier alternatives, and cater more to vegetarians.

Traditional Edinburgh Restaurants

Although places to eat come and go in Scotland's capital, some of the historic and well known restaurants continue to thrive. bonhams restaurant is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the city and has successfully combined traditional Scottish dishes with more eclectic European menu items. Like many of the best restaurants in Scotland, the Bonham makes a point of using as much locally sourced food as possible in its menu. If you dine at the Bonham, you can enjoy such dishes as breast of duck, red mullet and Tweedside beef. Other Edinburgh restaurants definitely worth a visit include the Grain Store, La Favorite and Wedgwood.

In Conclusion

If you still think that British food is stodgy, unimaginative and unappetizing, there are plenty of restaurants to be found all over the UK, where the menu will prove you wrong. Although sometimes it's nice to just eat fish and chips from the newspaper, or enjoy a Cornish pasty while on the go.