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Its Been A While…. and Gong Xi Fatt Chai 2014

Its been a while I left my this blog in a sleeping mode. I checked back my last posting that was in Oct’13. Gosh…I’ve even forgot about the password. Totally forgot about this blog until the webmaster send me an email asking whether am I renewing my domain this year. I thought of closing it down but then this blog has many sentimental values to me and I wouldn’t want to close down.

Back in Oct’ 13, I left the corporate world. In my number of years of working experience, this last company is the worst I’ve been working for. I work with a … sorry to say a stupid director. A person who looks like a very knowledgable person from outside but from inside it is just an empty tin of knowledge and with his unique character that no one has in this world. The person I always sympathy with is his dad who is a highly person full with knowledge but having a useless son like him. Sigh …. well past is already past for me and lets forget about it cos it is not worth to talk about it. Life still needs to move on. 

Year 2013 has been a sad year for me. I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. My beloved Ah Mah who raised me and sis ever since we were born left us on Oct 4th, 2013. And I left the corporate work in end Oct 2013 to become a SAHM… temporily before I get a new job. LOL. I travelled alone to Hanoi with my 2 kids and stayed with sis for 2 weeks. Kids having so much fun in Hanoi cos its winter. Weather is cooling and we travelled to SAPA, Vietnam which is close to the border of China. It is about 350km from Hanoi and we travelled by train. It is a very challenging  journey especially with the 2 kids. But so far so good, my kids didn’t give me much problem when travelling. They just get used to travel with me.  We took a train from Hanoi, 9 hours train journey to the distict of  Lao Gai. Then another 2 hours of van travelling up hill. Sapa is home to a great diversity of ethnic minority people of H’Mong and Yao minority. The weather in SAPA is cold with about 10 degree at night. This is the first time my kids experience winter and they wanted more holiday during winter. ” sweat ” ! I will share some nice pictures when I have the time to load all the pictures.

During my period of stay as SAHM, I baked a lot of cakes and cupcakes for selling. Thank you friends and customers who give me the opportunity to bake for all of you. Thank you for all the support given to me at this period of time. I just finished my CNY orders last weekend and  today there is a breather space for me to sit down and blog and plan what to cook for tomorrow reunion dinner. Gosh I still have many things unprepare to usher the ‘Horse Lunar New Year’. The CNY orders  just hooked up all my time at home.

Well I will try my best to post all my cooking and bakes.  There are many photos still unable to upload into my laptop and looking at getting a new laptop for myself at home. Last but not least…..

Wishing  All Of You A Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year

May The Year Of  Horse Brings You Lots of Wealth and Health



The Wedding Band

A good friend called me last week and announce her good news to me. She excitedly told me she is getting married. Her long time boyfriend proposed to her with a surprised. And he even gotten the perfect wedding band for both of them. I am so happy for her.

Halloween Cupcakes …. BoO….

Happy Halloween everyone. This is the first time my kids attended a halloween party. It was an invite from a cousin who is having a BBQ Halloween Party at home. I asked her, do we need to come in a Halloween costume and cousin answered …”OFF COURSE”! Hahaha …oh my… I got to search for Halloween costume in such a short period of time. Drove to Daiso that day itself as I’ve seen some Daiso outlets selling Halloween props at RM5 per piece! Grab few items from Daiso and the kids are ready to go and have fun at EL’s YiYi house.

Halloween Cupcakes

This is my last minute bake at home and my contribution to bring over to the party. Moist chocolate cupcakes with a Halloween theme.

Halloween Party a

It was a fun night for the kids and us… the cousins. Have been laughing non stop when taking pics… especially with my small little tiny pair of angels’ wings I wore on. It is meant for my girl but she refused to wear it. Hahahaha… so end up Mommy will wear it.

Halloween Party

Trick or treat? And my son, won the best costume for the night and got lots of goodies from EL YiYi & Steven Kor Kor. LOL

Happy Halloween!

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Boot Dryers

Winter is coming and flipping thru the papers there are so many skiing traveling promo package to Korea and Japan. Hmmm how I wish I can bring my kids for a skiing trip to Korea. Time flies and is has passed one year since I came back from Korea last year. My last trip to Korea was almost the end of winter season. We visited the skiing village and too bad the snow started to melt and it’s turning to spring. What we could see is many boot dryers outside the Ski Homes.

Fairy Princess 2 Tier Cake

A 2 tier fairy princess cake for a 1 year old birthday girl. The parents emailed me and requested a fairy princess with a big wings! My initial attempt is a very big giant wings cut out with a grasshopper cutter. My 1st attempt of fixing the wings failed! @#*& … The wings collapsed. My 2nd attempt on a smaller pair of wings, it broke into 2 after I tried to gum it over at the back. @#$^ … Arrgggghhhh…

Then I makes a few pairs of wings for standby in case my 3rd or 4th attempt failed. A friend’s advice is to use royal icing to stick on the wings. I didn’t do that but I gum on the pair of wings with gum trac and secured it with angel hair pasta. And finally , the pair of wings done. I am happy that the cake turned out well.

Princess Fairy Cake b

Princess Fairy Cake

It is an 8″ and 6″ moist chocolate cake, layers with choco ganache and covered with buttercream.

Princess Fairy Cake a

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Drawer Slides

Hubby was helping me to check through all my kitchen cabinet as we planned to change a new set of cabinet. After we surveyed the pricing, to change a new set of kitchen cabinet needs about RM10 K. Gosh… that is a lot of money. Hubby decided we got to scrap off the idea of changing a new set. What he will do is to change a new 36 inch Drawer Slides for all the cabinet drawers.

Ee-Thern Turns 8 & A Rainbow Cake

My little boy turns 8 last month. Time flies and he is a growing up boy now. My initial plan for his birthday is to invite few close cousins and nephews to KFC for dinner after their Saturday swimming lesson. That morning itself after I send my kids for tuition, I got few calls from  parents of my kid’s friend. They started to ask me ” Le-Ann & Ee-Thern’s Mommy, tonight party what time and at where? ” I was like huh…. then I only got to know my daughter and son invited their friends from daycare and from their tuition class. Duh…. faint.  Turned out  I have 13 kids to entertain at KFC that night.

My boy requested a Cross Fight B-Daman birthday party. His new found toy and everyone of his friends and cousins came with a B-Daman toy and marbles. Gosh… marbles are all around the floor at the kid’s playground in KFC. After the party, me and hub got to check and make sure there is no marbles lies on the floor at KFC.

Ee-Thern's 8th Birthday a

Ee-Thern's 8th Birthday

You’re the greatest son.
8 makes you, 8 times greater
have fun with your cousins and friends
a fantastic 8th birthday
with sooooo many birthday gifts

Happy 8th Birthday, son.

Rainbow Cake b

A rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting and with edible B-Daman print image. The cake turned out great and all of us love it.

Rainbow Cake c

Rainbow Cake a

Love the layers of colour before I did the cream cheese frosting.

Rainbow Cake

Here a picture of inside taken by a cousin sis’s handphone. The cake is moist and creamy with cream cheese. The recipe is definitely a recipe keeper.

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Ikan Bakar Kecap Manis & Sambal Kecap Manis

We were in Bandung, Indonesia last month for a few days of short trip with the kids. We love the food in Bandung, especially the ikan bakar with kecap manis and also the ayam goreng gremes. I am still looking for the recipe for ayam goreng gremes as my little girl has been asking me to cook that for her at home. Meanwhile at home, I tried making ikan bakar which I marinated with ABC saus kecap manis. My kids love the ABC saus kecap manis.  They can even lick the sauce till the last drop.

This ikan bakar goes well with the sambal kecap manis which hub requested and asked me to make sure I make the sambal for dipping. Hub commented with the sambal, he can have another plate of rice just with the sambal.

Ikan Bakar Kecap Manis

Fish, any kind and I used ikan kembung
2 tbsp ABC saus kecap manis
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp coriander
5 cloves garlic
5 shallots
1 candlenut
1 tbsp olive oil

1. Blend turmeric, coriander, garlic, shallots, candlenut and olive oil till fine like a paste.
2. Marinate the fish with the blended ingredients and ABC sauce kecap manis for an hour.
3. Grill the fish in oven until the fish is completely cook.
4. Serve with white rice and sambal kecap manis as dipping.

Ikan Bakar Kecap Manis a

Sambal Kecap Manis

Ingredients :
Some chopped shallots
1 red bird’s eye chilli. chopped
1 tsp lime juice
ABC saus kecap manis

Method :
1. Mix everything in a bowl and serve as dipping.

Bolts & Nuts

Hubby helping his friends to set up 20 units of book shelves for his new office. It is not easy to set up 20 wooden shelves at one go. And it easily took about few days to complete it. There are many bolts and nuts needed to be screw onto the wooden shelves. Thank goodness that all the wooden shelves came with an easy to use instructions.

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

A Hello Kitty Cake ordered for a 1 year old birthday girl, Faith. This is an 8 inch Moist Choco Cake. I’ve been spending most of my weekends with cakes nowadays. My kids has been giving a lot of comments on my cake. On a few occasions, they have been condemning me on the figurines I did is too fat, too thin, too ugly… bla, bla, bla….. and for this Hello Kitty, they said the whiskers is too thick. Duh…..  LOL.

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake a

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