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Caramel Pudding Cake

Have been browsing and reading few Malay bloggers’ blog. Really do salute them who are so good in baking cakes, pudding and cookies. Few months back I saw there is a hit in the Malay blogs on this cake called Caramel Pudding Cake. When I vet thru the recipe, it is the egg caramel at the bottom layer and then layered it with coloured cake layers. The cakes texture similar to chiffon cake texture. I personally an egg caramel pudding lover. I am not a dessert person but this particular dessert I love it so much.

This recipe caught my interest and I tried baking it on Christmas day. The outcome was fantastic except for the colour of the cake. Initially I wanted to have Christmas RED and GREEN on the layering. But looking at the amount of colour gel I needed to add into the cake batter, I reduced it.

The cake turned out to be, rich caramel pudding at the bottom with a cottony soft cakes on top. When you have a bite of it, the combination of both layers just mask in and it is so sedap….. Going to bake one again during CNY and this round gonna reduce the sugar.

You can check out the blogs here, here and here for the recipe and step by step pictorial on how to bake this cake. Anyway, will translate this recipe to English in my blog here.


Ingredients for Sugar Caramel :
2 tbsp sugar
8 inch X 8 inch square baking tray

Method :
1. Heat up the baking tray on top of the stove.
2. Melt the sugar on the tray till caramelized.
3. Even out the caramelized sugar on the tray and set aside.

Ingredients for Egg Caramel Pudding :
1 cup evaporated milk
1 cup sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 eggs
3 egg yolks

Method :
1. Add all ingredients in a bowl and whisk the egg. Then sieve the egg mixture into the tray with caramelized sugar.
2. Leave aside.

Ingredients for Cake :
140gm self raising flour
70gm sugar
3 egg yolks
135ml fresh milk
45ml cooking oil
2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk ( I omitted )

Method :
1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix well and set aside.

Ingredients for Meringue :
6 egg whites
70gm sugar
1 tsp cream of tartar

Method :
1. Whisk egg white and add in sugar and cream of tartar.
2. Continue to whisk till mixture become stiff.
3. Mix 1/3 of the meringue mixture into the cake mixture. Continue to do so till all are well mixed.
4. Divide the mixture into 2 and colour it with different 2 different colour.
5. When doing the layering, scoop 1 tbsp of colour A into the egg pudding caramel mixture. Then scoop 1 tbsp of colour B on top of colour A mixture.
6. Continue to do so till all the mixture finish.
7. Bake the cake in water bath method for about an hour at 160 D using the lower fire only.
8. Once the cake is done, leave it in the oven for about 30 minutes.
9. Once the cake cool down, turn the cake over the plate. Clean the excess sugar syrup from the cake with a kitchen towel to prevent it to moisten the cake further.
10. Leave the cake in the fridge and cut the cake once it is really cool.

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