Simple Baking Tips for Young Mommies

Young minds and tiny hands can be a hazard in the kitchen, but train them just right and they can be Santa’s little helpers who can make cooking enjoyable, a pleasurable activity and allows you to spend more time with your kids. Time with your young ones should be cherished as time flies and soon they will be out of the nest. This also helps them learn life’s valuable lessons and helps them stand on their own two feet when they are out of the house.

Here are a few tips you should follow when you are planning to involve your kids with baking.

  • Think of simple baking recipes to make: Having already decided what recipe you will be following will make the whole process easier instead of having to think of recipes on the spot while eager young faces are looking expectantly up at you.

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  • Read through the Recipe: There are many recipes that require some preparation the previous day. Read through it carefully so that there are no surprises on the day of baking. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the process and then realize that you need a piece of equipment for the next step. This was, if you’re making cookies and the instructions say that the dough has to be chilled for a few hours or even overnight, then you will be prepared.
  • Clean hands and keep clothes clean: Baking with kids can make clothes messy. Encourage them to wear aprons so that their clothes don’t get ruined.
  • Give individual responsibilities: Kids feel a little more important when they are assigned a certain task. For example, if you have more than one child, one kid can measure the dry ingredients, and one can measure the liquid ingredients. Breaking eggs is the fun part – they can both get one each to crack.
  • Lay out and organize all the ingredients in one place: This will make your life easier as having everything laid out will speed up your baking process. This also ensures that curious little hands don’t go around the kitchen touching things they shouldn’t. It also helps that there are no surprises during the cooking process – this way you’ll know that you have all the ingredients you require.


  • Place little stools s that your little ones can be part of the action. To see something forming its shape and becoming closer to a product they recognize and love will excite them.
  • Clean up! This is just as important as the baling process if not more. You should encourage and teach your young ones to tidy up as they are done with a certain task so that the kitchen is neat and tidy by the time the cake or the cookies are done baking in the oven. This also ensures that later in life they don’t leave the kitchen looking like a warzone.

The lessons you teach your children in the kitchen influence them in their everyday lives as well. The simple process of baking or cooking starts with preparation. The prep process is the first thing in any project they may face later in life. The process of completing the task also lends itself to bigger situations in real life. And finally, the clean up means that no matter where they are in life, they will always have a clean and happy space to either work in or live in. your influence extends itself far beyond the boundaries of the kitchen, and it is these little life lessons that your young ones will take from you on those happy family cooking days.

A friend of mine gave me a few tips on how to manage my kids and cooking. You see in the long run, what you remember are the memories you make. You won’t remember the tiredness, or the sleepless hours, but you’ll remember tiny hands and young helpers that make your life easier in the kitchen.

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