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Lilo & Stitch Cupcakes

It took me more than 5 hours for the fondant molding for these cupcakes ordered by an ex-colleagues for her girl who turned 12 this year. Doing Stitch is easier than Lilo and my Lilo is very cacat. Sigh…. My son gave a lot of comments on the Stitch and he kept telling me, Stitch’s teeth is not like this. It is not so sharp, the colour is not right, Lilo’s shirt is not this colour and bla, bla, bla….

Baking the cupcakes  is easy but doing the fondant is super time consuming. My whole Saturday afternoon gone just sitting in the kitchen having fun play with the fondant. Actually not having fun but having stressful time to do it cos I don’t want to disappoint the birthday girl. Hahaha… Anyway the Lilo & Stitch cupcakes is a surprise gift from her Mom.

The next morning I got a MSN message from my ex-colleague saying, the kids love the surprise Lilo & Stitch cupcakes and the birthday girl is very happy seeing it. Great to hear that the kids is happy. Thanks again for ordering from me. I am not really into selling my bakes but taking orders from the public makes my life looking forward to something to work on everyday. Life still needs to go on despite many obstacles in me.



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  1. Caca says:

    these cupcakes are super cute.

    February 1st, 2013 at

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