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Teochew Porridge Again & Again & Again…

Again & again & again … and we never get bored with it. I love cooking porridge at home. I would assumed my kids hate eating porridge because they’ve been eating this since young. But I am wrong. They love it and never get bored with it even if I cook it everyday. The same goes to hubby. Whenever I asked them, ” what you want to eat for lunch today?”, immediately all answered porridge or any kind of porridge, be it fish porridge, pork porridge, seaweed porridge or plain porridge. If its plain porridge, I will cook few dishes that goes well with it especially the preserved salted eggs, salted fish, preserved mustard stir fried with pork or chicken, steamed minced pork with preserved vegetables.

Aiyor all also preserved, if my Sis saw this I am sure she will nag me to the max again for having such dishes. All of us trying to be more healthy and change our food diet but at times, such food is a huge cravings for us and it is also a comfort food for me and hubby.

The porridge that I cooked yesterday was added with sweet potatoes. It is the sweet potatoes porridge or in Hokkien my Ah Mah used to called it as “han chee beh”.  When I was a kid, my Ah Mah cooked this almost everyday for lunch. The Hokkiens like having porridge for lunch! Ah Mah used to tell me, during World War II, when they have not enough money to buy rice, with the little rice at home, they cooked porridge added with sweet potatoes that planted at the garden in order to fill up their stomach. Apart from that, she also told me she has eaten lots of sweet potatoes leaves back then. Back now, sweet potatoes is sold at such high price at an average of RM3 – 5 per kg.

This is the first time I cooked sweet potatoes porridge for my kids and hubby. I used the yellow and orange colour sweet potatoes to cook with the porridge. Never ever use the purple sweet potatoes cos you will ended up having a purple colour porridge! My kids told me it is weird of having porridge with sweet potatoes in it. Ended up both of them dig out all the sweet potatoes to me. Kids can never appreciate the food I prepared for them. Sigh…


I am cooking the sweet potatoes porridge with THERMOMIX. And it is pretty fast and only took about 20 minutes and it is done!


Ingredients :
1 cup of rice
1 litre water
2 pieces sweet potatoes ( either yellow or orange colour sweet potatoes ), cut into bite pieces

Method :
1. Wash the rice and drained.
2. In the TMX bowl, add in rice, water and sweet potatoes.
3. Cook for 20 minutes, reverse and spoon mode at 100 DC.
4. You can adjust the timing if you don’t want the sweet potatoes to be too soft.


  1. Bee Ling says:

    Hi, Long time no see. Wanna check if Thermomix is worth investing in, since it is very expensive. How often do you use it since you bought it?

    October 19th, 2012 at

  2. prince n princess mum says:

    Yummy! I just have that too!~

    November 7th, 2012 at

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