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Hatyai Trip 2010

Came back from Hatyai, Thailand last weekend with a ZOMBIE mind. My last round of traveling to Hatyai is about 10 years back with my group of UNI friends. After 10 years, the whole Hatyai really changed a lot. I remember when I am young, my Mom used to bring me and Sis to Hatyai during CNY. At that time, we used to took Thai Airways but now is only by bus unless you take a flight from KL to Alor Star and then travel by bus  or taxi to Hatyai.

I went to Hatyai with a new group of friends. This group of friends are slightly different because all are really drinkers and can party whole night. They are much much more older than me but their stamina to party whole night is much more greater than me. :) I do really salute them.


With almost 8 hours of traveling time, we reached the Thai immigration center at about 6 am. That is really early but the whole immigration center is jam packed with people. Everyone was traveling in for celebrating the Songkran festival. I didn’t sleep thru the whole journey cos I can’t sleep in a bus. It is really a torturing journey and when I reached Hatyai really felt like vomiting. Through out the few days in Hatyai basically we went for makan-makan, drinking, massage and did some shopping.

Our Day 1 – Hatyai Makan-Makan Session  


First stop after we passed the Thai immigration center, we went for Chicken and Roast Pork Rice. Then head on to Songkla and went to a temple for prayer. Pray for health and pray for everything soon soon lei lei this year for the family and me.  Then back to hotel and I knock off immediately.  The hotel is a real disappointment. All hotels in Hatyai are fully booked that weekend and the room I stayed in looks like a CHICKEN HUT. Me and S, were cursing left right center for giving us this room.


After a short nap, we went for massage and after massage went for light late lunch. Ordered fried Lobak, Ooh Chien and we had a cup of local coconut ice-cream and choco. It comes with a lot of condiments in it. Coconut, pulut, peanuts, sweet potatoes, bread and attap seeds in it.


Night dinner, we walked to a nearby Thai Chinese Restaurant and had the best dinner ever especially for the Stewed Pork Leg. We ordered quite many dishes but only managed to shoot the first four dishes. Everyone is too busy eating. Hahaha…

Our Day 2 – Hatyai Makan-Makan Session 


Thai Bak Kut Teh


Day 2 breakfast, woke up earlier and went for Thai Bak Kut Teh and Dim Sum.  The Dim Sum is good and so does the Bak Kut Teh. At one point, I felt the Bak Kuth Teh is much more better than our Klang Bak Kut Teh.


Again we went for massage and after massage we went for fried noodles for lunch. The six of us ordered on Fried Hokkien Mee and one Wat Tan Hor Kuey Teow or in Thai they called it Rad Na.


At night we went to the local floating market before we head on for our dinner. The floating market is similar to the one in Bangkok but this one they only sell food on the small sampan. 



Ewwww… found this at the floating market and we bought these insects to try. Ewwww… scary and damn geli but it tasted not too bad. Hihi…


For both consecutive nights, after our dinner we hang out at the pub. Drink and drink non stop and in just one night we can drink 20 towers of beer. Terror or not? The above picture has been blurred because of some privacy matter. Anyway, we really had a lot of fun. The poor leng chai Thai pub singer, Poon has been our victim for both nights. He must be thinking this group of mad woman really sot sot tei.


The tequila pop that nearly makes me drunk on the second night.

Our Day 3 – Hatyai Makan-Makan Session


The hang over from the second night makes me got no mood to take pictures anymore. The only picture I capture is the fried chicken stall near the immigration center. Bought two of it but it is really tasteless. Looks nice only but in actual fact it doesn’t taste good at all. We left Hatyai early morning and had our late lunch in Bukit Tambun. Reached home almost night and I am still blurring  till the next day when I go back to work. Really a torture when I am back to the office to work the next day. ZOMBIE  the whole day and I am so so so tired.


Didn’t buy much things from Hatyai apart from food but I found one shop selling all the stainless stell items. Finally I found the Mut Foong Tow mould.  Bought 6 of it ( size : S,M,L ) that cost me almost 1,000 Baht.


Bought some fried seaweed, durian cake and some instant Thai Tom Yam noodles from TOPS.  Some recommendation that whenever you are in Thailand you MUST BUY. Its the Thai Tom Yam Kuey Teow. I bought 5 packets and tried one last nite. It is really good. If I know it is so good, I should have buy one carton back. Hahaha… Last but not least to wrap up, it is an enjoyable trip. Hope to go with all of you guys again in the next few months.

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